Our dance school has been established for 20 years. We have a very fun and friendly school and enjoy teaching to over 400 students of all ages and abilities with venues based in and around Garstang.

When taking classes at the Garstang School of Dance parents and children are asked to observe the following:

Please be prompt for your class and wait with your child until the lesson begins. This also applies for picking up children from the lessons. If you are late we will keep your child with us, observing the following class. Can all younger children please go to the toilet before class! Children must be supervised at all times before and after their lessons. We will not let any child leave the premises without their parent or carer being there to collect them.


The correct uniform should be worn for each lesson with hair neatly tied back in a bun or ponytail.


For Pre School and upwards (optional for Boogie babies) - Pink Ballet dress, ballet socks, ballet shoes. Pink personalised hoodie (optional)


Choice of any of our personalised leotards tops and bottoms/Black footless tights. Ballet shoes


Choice of any of our personalised tops and bottoms/Black footless tights

Primary to grade 1                       Silver tap shoes white socks

Grade 2 upwards-Black tap shoes with black socks


The new uniform can be worn for Ballet, modern and tap. For Pre School and children just studying Ballet there is a pink ballet dress.

We will have spare uniform for Ballet exams that they can borrow.


Uniform orders will only be taken three times a year. Order in January and uniform will arrive at Easter. Order in June ready for September and September ready for December. Shoes can be ordered throughout the year.

We also have dance bags, onesies, and dressing gowns, cabin cases and drinks bottles available to purchase.

****To order the Pink ballet dress, all modern and tap tops and bottoms and merchandise please email;****

 ****Ballet shoes, ballet socks, ballet tights and tap shoes email;****

Dance Fees

Bills will be handed out in class or e-mailed for every ten-week term.

One Subject                £40

Two subjects             £70

Three subjects            £96

Parents are requested to pay within two weeks of the financial session.

We hold regular exams following the board Royal Academy of dancing for Ballet and Imperial Society Teachers of Dance in Modern and Tap. Exams are not compulsory. The children also have the opportunity to take part in dance shows at various local theatres.

Each half term we hold a themed dance day for all primary school aged children.

At the end of term when not rehearsing show work we invite parents to come and watch classes. 

The team of teachers consists of Miss Pamela, Miss Claire, Miss Claire. Miss Rebecca, Miss Emily, Miss Mia and Miss Jane.

Please always feel free to contact us on or 07976617067 or via Facebook on Claire Pamela Garstang on which we have a pupil and parent info page, which we will add you too.

I am sure you will find your son or daughter will enjoy many happy times with us at The Garstang school of Dance.

Miss Pamela